Homemade remedy for anemia

                 Homemade remedy for anemia 

A good home remedy for anemia is the cabbage juice with beetroot and orange, because in addition to being rich in iron, contains vitamin C, which promotes absorption of this nutrient.
How to:
  1. Blend 1 and 2 oranges peeled beet, cabbage leaves 2 and 200 ml of water;
  2. Strain the juice;
  3. Drink after them.
The cauliflower and sugar beet are rich in iron , essential mineral for preventing and treating anemia, while orange is an excellent source of vitamin C , which helps the absorption of iron by the body, thus being good home remedies for anemia.

Foods Rich in Iron for Anemia

In addition to juices, it is important to consume foods rich in iron to assist the home treatment of anemia , such as:
  • Red meat;
  • Chicken;
  • Fish;
  • Dark green vegetables such as watercress, arugula, spinach, kale, broccoli;
  • Vegetables such as beans, soybeans, chickpeas;
  • Beet.
Iron is used by the body to produce hemoglobin , a protein that is responsible for the red coloration of blood and whose main function is to carry oxygen to all body cells.
It is recommended to give priority to red meat because the iron present in them is more easily assimilated by the body than that present in vegetables.

Foods High in Vitamin C for Anemia

It is also important to include any food at each meal source of Vitamin C , Vitamin since this alters the iron molecule, facilitating their absorption. Some sources of vitamin C:
  • Red fruits;
  • Orange, cherry, kiwi;
  • Lemon, pineapple, melon;
  • Tomato, Cabbage.


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